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Unreal experiences for Schools
Become a part of an educational revolution at TODA — the UAE's pioneering hub for a transformative 360° immersive experience.

From classical masterpieces to immersive educational activities — we redefine the way art & science are explored.
Inspiring Education Through Full Immersion
Introduce kids to masterpieces of world art & literature in the most engaging way!

Embark on a journey through 100 Years of Art History at 'From Monet to Kandinsky', unravel the untold story of genius at 'Being Van Gogh', explore the iconic tale of love & friendship at 'The Little Prince', or navigate the complex world of emotions with 'Monsikids'.

All experiences are available at special rates!

360° Educational
Let's shape the future of education in the UAE together!
We're Making Learning Fun
Embark on a thrilling journey of scientific exploration with Aventura Parks' "Science Made Fun" program. Engaging students in immersive experiments, this initiative merges adventure and science, offering activities like "The Power of Light" and the insightful "Edison Workshop." Each session promises both excitement and valuable takeaways, fostering a deeper understanding of scientific wonders.

Join us for an educational adventure where learning and fun collide, creating lasting memories and cultivating a passion for the fascinating world of science. Explore, discover, and ignite curiosity with Aventura Parks' Science Made Fun!
Science made fun with
At TODA, you can now immerse your students in inspiring art workshops designed to elevate students' creative abilities. From interactive activities to meaningful insights, our workshops strive to deepen the connection with the art world.
Cultivate a spirit of creativity, encouraging students to integrate art into their expressive journey. Experience the transformative power of ARTFem workshops at TODA, empowering students to explore, create, and uncover the beauty of self-expression through art.

Sign your students up for a captivating artistic journey that sparks creativity and ignites a passion for self-discovery.
Creative expression at 360° with

Step into the world of sustainability with Eedama's Eco-Education programs now offered at TODA for educational institutions. Let your students dive into collaborative workshops exploring the relationship between human actions and the planet. Through talks, workshops, and team brainstorming, students gain insights into environmental challenges and envision sustainable solutions.

TODA is dedicated to making sustainability education accessible, inviting your educational community to join us for engaging Eedama workshops that inspire positive changes toward a greener future.

Eco Education
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